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The Mold Removal Pros is a mold remediation and mold removal company servicing the entire United States. If you spot mold in your home or even suspect that there may be mold or mildew harming your health then do not wait to call our mold remediation professionals at 888-510-9659.

We are a full service mold removal and disaster relief company. We offer a variety of mold inspection, mold testing and mold remediation and removal services. We also offer fire, flood, and water damage restoration. We are available 24/7 so do not hesitate to speak with one of our specialists!

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About Us

The Mold Removal Pros is a nationwide mold removal company. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. We offer all types of mold removal and water damage restoration services including: mold inspection, mold testing, mold remediation and water, fire, and flood damage restoration.

Have you heard that mold can eat through a variety of surfaces on your property and put your health in harm’s way? You see, mold feeds off areas of your property that are rich in nutrients, such as wood, and it is also drawn to damp areas. Since we do not want anyone to deal with mold-related ailments, we ensure we are on the scene as quickly as possible. Let our mold remediation staff from The Mold Removal Pros help with your needs today by contacting us at 888-510-9659.

Our Mold Removal Guarantee

The biggest key in all of our mold remediation procedures is promptness, as we understand the mold issue is only going to get worse until we can handle it. The initial step in all of our procedures will be mold inspection. In this process, we will ask you about what you have observed such as potential areas of growth or where you believe the musty odor may be coming from. Even though mold can be growing in the open, it typically prefers to hide behind walls and other obstacles where it is damp and dark. We put a major emphasis on safety during our black mold removal procedures, but this does not prevent us from effectively removing the mold. When the procedure is complete, we will go over what we achieved, and we will make certain that the mold will not be returning.

Gear We Use for Mold Remediation

Although you can probably come across mold remediation treatments at your local home improvement store, they do not even compare to the equipment and solutions we have access to. In fact, some of the store bought remedies can actually make the issue worse as one wrong move can cause the mold to fly away and into the home or office’s HVAC system. To kick-off the mold remediation procedure, we will use an air-monitoring device to spot moist areas inside of your property. Special solutions and commercial scrubbers permit us to easily remove the mold. To dry everything out following our procedure, we use commercial blowers.

Mold thriving in your home or office presents an infinite number of issues so the mold removal process needs to be completed as soon as possible. To make yourself less vulnerable to mold, it is a great idea to continue looking out for damp areas in your home. Make sure to call our black mold removal personnel at The Mold Removal Pros at 888-510-9659 to find out how they can help.

Mold Removal FAQ

What is the Best Way to Spot Mold?
By looking for moist and under-lit areas in your home or office as well as structural changes, you can find mold growth before it gets worse.

Is There a Way to Prevent Mold Growth?
Making certain you have sufficient lighting and keep your property as dry as you can in conjunction with annual mold testing are the best practices.

What is Mold Interested in?
Wet ceiling tiles, furniture and wood are three items our mold removal company would like to see you pay attention to.

What Can Mold Accomplish?
Serious respiratory problems as well as considerable property damage are two effects of having mold on your property.

Are There Different Kinds of Mold?
There are lots of species of mold, and they may be categorized based on whether they are poisonous or not. Having the crew at The Mold Removal Pros conduct black mold testing is very important in determining the type of mold you are coping with.

How Successful is Mold Removal?
Upon arriving on your property, we will do a mold inspection to discover what you have seen and do an inspection ourselves. Ensuring the mold has been removed and will not return is the next step we will complete. The process will be completed by our mold remediation team and our industrialized equipment.

What are Your Rates?
Our mold removal company offers the most competitive rates, but some tasks will require a bit more work than others. The quicker you discover the mold issue, the cheaper the services will be as the procedure will take significantly less time.

What if I Need Assistance After Hours?
Since we understand that mold problems do not always occur during normal business hours, we offer emergency services that are also priced very reasonably. Contact us at 888-510-9659 if you need emergency mold removal help or if you have concerns about our solutions.